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Technoarete is World's largest Non-profitable professional association registered under India Trust Act (1882) meant for research development and promotion in the field of engineering and technology. Technoarete is a paramount body which has brought technical revolution and sustainable development of science and technology. The Technoarete-forum constitutes of professional wizards and overseas technical leaders who have left no stones unturned to reinforce the field of science, engineering and technology. The Institute conducts technical conferences, seminars and workshops at different parts of country to reduce the gap between curriculum and their practical implementation among students and research scholars. Today Technoarete is one of the leading publishers of research papers in its high quality peer reviewed journals, proceedings and research magazine. The Institute provides a brilliant scope of research and development to geniuses and wizards working in the field of engineering by providing financial aids by which economic constraints won't retaliate to the technical growth and research development.

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Who We Are?

Technoarete is one of the world leading professional Association for engineering professionals. IFERP is a non-profitable professional association meant for research and development in the field of engineering, science & technology.

Technoarete connect engineers exchange global innovation and act as a bridge between Researchers & Academicians by organizing International Conferences, World Conferences, Faculty Development Programmes, Workshops, Seminars, in nook and corners of the world through our globally distributed executive committee members to reduce the gap between curriculum and their practical implementation among students and research scholars.

Why We Are?

Technoareterete believes that there is always a better way to treat the professionals by providing them a world class stage by organizing conferences. We are committed to doing the following activities:-

  1. We encourage convenient access at urban and rural areas.
  2. Organizing public education programmes, Workshops, Conferences, Webinars, Seminars, Guest Lectures, Short Term Training Programme, Faculty Development programme in the field of Engineering, Science & Technology.
  3. Technoarete is dedicated to inquisitiveness, innovations and recent trends and developments in the field of Engineering & Technology.
  4. Technoarete believes in knowledge sharing by collaborating with other Universities, organizations/Associations, to bring a better tomorrow.


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