1How do I submit my article?

All you have to do is to visit the homepage of the TJEPSR journal website and click on the 'Submit Article or Online paper submission' option. Subsequently, a submission portal where you can enter in relevant details and attach your manuscript will open.

2 How much does it cost to publish in the journal?

Owing to the fact that TJEPSR is an open-access journal, there will be no publishing charges and TJEPSR will publish high quality research articles free of cost. As a result of doing so, these published articles can be read, downloaded and distributed by anyone for free, from TJEPSR.org.

3 Can I publish my manuscript for open access at the TJEPSR journal?

Yes, the TJEPSR journal is an open-access journal, where authors wishing to have their work published and accessed by anyone for free, can submit their manuscripts to do so.

4 Is it an open access Journal ?

Yes, TJEPSR is an open-access journal.

5 Is it a peer reviewed journal ?

Yes, TJEPSR is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal.

6 What is the frequency of the journal?

TJEPSR is a bi-annual journal, meaning it publishes two issues every year.

7 Are there any publication charges levied on authors by the TJEPSR journal?

No! Owing to the fact that TJEPSR is an open-access journal, authors will not be levied any publication charges. TJEPSR is a free journal publishing high quality research articles.

8 Can I submit more than one paper for the same issue?

Yes, authors are allowed to submit more than one manuscript for a single issue of the TJEPSR journal, as long as each of these manuscripts is different from each other.

9 How can I submit my paper?

Authors can submit their manuscripts by clicking on the 'Online Paper Submission' tab on the TJEPSR journal website or email them to [email protected].

10 Which software application does the TJEPSR journal utilize to conduct plagiarism/similarity checks?

The TJEPSR journal makes use of the Turnitin application to carry out comprehensive and thorough plagiarism checks for all suggested manuscripts to verify their originality and authenticity.

11 How long it will take to peer review my manuscript?

The TJEPSR journal is committed to ensuring faster peer review times than any other journal, while also ensuring the sustenance and preservation of our high standards of quality and research integrity. On average, it takes about one week or less to complete the entire peer-review process for an entire manuscript.

12 Does TJEPSR provide a template for preparing a manuscript?

Yes! One can download the manuscript template prepared by the TJEPSR journal to serve as a guide for those who wish to submit manuscripts, by clicking on the 'Manuscript Template -Download' option under the 'Instruction for Authors' section in the left-hand side panel on the TJEPSR journal website.

13 What is accepted file format for manuscripts at the TJEPSR journal ?

All manuscripts submitted to the TJEPSR journal must either be in the Adobe pdf or Microsoft Word formats.

14 When am I likely to receive an acknowledgment email for my submission?

An email acknowledging the receipt of your submission will be sent out within 12 to 24 hours of you submitting your manuscript to the TJEPSR journal.

15 How long does it take for the entire peer-review process to be completed?

Although this is purely dependant on the number of manuscripts that are in queue for reviewal, it takes around two weeks on average for the entire review process to be completed.

16 What is the scope/research area of the journal?

To get to know about the scope as well as the discipline of specialization of the TJEPSR journal, click on the 'Aim and Scope' option under the 'About the Journal' tab on the TJEPSR journal website.

17 Can I send just the abstract of my research work for review?

No! It is mandatory for authors to send in the entire manuscripts of their research works, without any missing parts, while submitting them to the TJEPSR journal.

18 What is a Paper ID?

The Paper ID is a unique identification code that is given for every manuscript that is submitted to TJEPSR. Authors are urged to specify the Paper ID of their manuscript in all of their communications with TJEPSR to make the identifying of their manuscripts easier.

19 Can I submit the same article to TJEPSR as well as another Journal simultaneously?

Unless and until a submitted manuscript has been rejected by the reviewing committee of TJEPSR, an author is bound by an agreement that the same manuscript has not been submitted and will not be published by any journal other than TJEPSR.

20 How does the review process work?

At the TJEPSR journal, we undertake a double-blind peer-reviewing process. As soon as manuscripts are received, we sent them to members of the reviewing committee for reviewing, after details such as -

  1. the name of the author,
  2. their country of origin, and
  3. all other personal details,

have been removed, in order to facilitate thoroughly impartial and merit-based reviewal.

21 What is the maximum number of pages that are allowed per paper?

For every manuscript that is submitted, a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of 20 pages are allowed.

22 Are there any instructions/guidelines for authors? | What are the Terms & Conditions of the journal?

Yes, there are! Please check out the 'Instruction for Authors' section on the left-hand side panel, for all guidelines and specifications.

To view the Terms & Conditions of the TJEPSR journal, click on the ‘Terms & Conditions’ option, under the ‘About Journal’ section, at the bottom of every page of the TJEPSR journal website.

23 I did not find my question on your FAQ list, what do I do?

Feel free to mail any inquiries, feedback or recommendations that you might have, to [email protected]. We'd be more than happy to resolve your queries and take stock of your suggestions.

24 How long does the entire peer review process normally take?

After passing through the initial screening process, manuscripts will be sent for two or three further reviews (for a thorough evaluation of the content). Under normal circumstances, the entire process is completed in a matter of two to three weeks.

25 How can I know the status of my paper?

Feel free to email the title of your paper and paper ID to the following address - [email protected]. A representative of the editorial committee at TJEPSR will respond with the status of your paper, within 24 hours.

26 Where can I find the manuscript guidelines and format specifications?

Simply click on the 'Instruction for Authors' option on the left-hand side panel, and choose the 'Manuscript Template -Download' option to download the template. This document also includes all formatting and styling specifications that are to be followed.

27 Why do I need to sign a copyright form?

Copyright forms secure the rights and interests of both authors and publishers. As part of the agreement, authors are mandated to hand over the exclusive license of their work to the publisher (in this case the TJEPSR journal). In accordance with its open-access policy, TJEPSR can publish, circulate, present and preserve manuscripts as it sees fit.

28 How many papers can an author submit and are there any restrictions?

The TJEPSR journal accepts any number of manuscripts from a single author as long as each of the submitted manuscripts is entirely different from each other and completely unique.

If you aren't quite sure about which of your manuscripts are fit for publication in the TJEPSR journal, you might want to take a look at our objective, aim, and scope, to get an idea of the sort of research papers and articles we publish.

29 What sort of manuscripts does the TJEPSR journal generally publish?

The TJEPSR journal accepts and publishes a wide range of academic and scholarly work including research papers/articles, review pieces/articles, case reports/studies, etc.

30 Does the TJEPSR journal have any impact factors to present?

Being a brand new journal, TJEPSR does not have any impact factor data to present. at the moment. The impact factor value of a journal is usually a representation of the average number of citations of the works published therein, in articles/papers published by other journals recently, over the past two years.

TJEPSR will make this data available as soon as the stipulated period has completed and accurate data has been compiled.