Technoarete Journal on Entrepreneurship and International Business
Aim & Scope

Aim & Scope

Technoarete Transactions on Entrepreneurship and International Business (TTEIB) is a double-blinded peer-reviewed open-access International Journal published by Technoarete Publishing. This international journal aims to serve as an excellent platform for academic experts, industry professionals, entrepreneurs, business people, consultants,and policy makers to dissipate and showcase their recent research and practices in Entrepreneurship and International Business. The journal invites original research articles, case studies, management reports, in various areas of Entrepreneurship and International Business- Government policy on entrepreneurship, Indigenous Self-employment, Informal Self-employment, Corporate entrepreneurship, Real estate, International trade, Cross-cultural Management, Supply chain Management, E- commerce, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship theories, Family business entrepreneurship, Gender and entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial behaviour, Interpreneurial finance, Social entrepreneurship, International entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Strategy, Innovation Economics, New venture creation and Growth Knowledge generation and retention, Entrepreneurial Cooperation and networking, Brand management, Service Marketing, Network innovation, Risk Management and Venture Capital, Business innovation, Service Innovation, Regional entrepreneurship, Green entrepreneurship.

Technoarete Transactions on Entrepreneurship and International Business (TTEIB) include but not confined to the following topics:
  • Entrepreneurial Policies
  • Indigenous Self-employment
  • Informal Self-employment
  • Real estate Business
  • International trade
  • Cross-cultural Management
  • Supply chain Management
  • E- commerce
  • Venture Capital
  • Entrepreneurship theories
  • Family business entrepreneurship
  • Gender and entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial behaviour
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • International entrepreneurshipl
  • Entrepreneurship Strategy
  • Innovation Economics
  • New venture creation and Growth strategies
  • Entrepreneurial Knowledge generation and retention
  • Entrepreneurial Cooperation and networking
  • Brand management
  • Service Marketing
  • Network Marketing
  • Business Risk Management
  • Market Risks
  • Network Innovation
  • Business Innovation
  • Service Innovation
  • Regional entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial Venues
  • Green entrepreneurship