Technoarete is committed to publishing high quality books rapidly and effectively. Our professionally trained editorial team offers authors a complete set of publishing services including typesetting, content editing and cover design. With an emphasis on accuracy and authors’ satisfaction, Technoarete takes responsibility for every aspect of the publishing process. All books are produced in print and electronic format and will be distributed worldwide. Now, we are pleased to invite authors to submit new book manuscripts to us. Please read carefully the following instructions for authors.


1) Elements of a complete book manuscript should comply with the following list:

Title : It should be informative and descriptive, but also concise.

Preface : It is a brief description of the book and why you wrote it.

Texts : The text of a book should be arranged by chapters.

About the author : It is an introduction of basic professional information about the author.

Table of contents : Contents include each part of the book with all levels of headings . (e.g. 1, 2; 1.1, 2.1; 1.1.1, 2.1.1…etc)

Acknowledgement : It is an expression of gratitude for assistance in creating the book.

2) When preparing the book manuscript, save each chapter in a separate file named after the chapter number. (E.g.: Chapter 1).

3) Verify all statistics, quotations, symbols before you give us the manuscript.

4) At present, we only accept manuscripts produced in MS Word 2003 or above.

5) Please send your manuscript to us by email ([email protected]). Detailed personal information should be provided such as full name, email, affiliation etc when submitting the book manuscript. Each submission will receive a confirmation of receipt.

6) The manuscript has not been published previously and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

7) The author is responsible for getting permission from the original authors of the work, if other publications as sources are used in the book. Documents of all such permissions must be sent to Technoarete.


All books published by Technoarete are reviewed by experts in the respective field of research. Reviewers provide advice to the editors as well as comments on the strengths and weaknesses of the book.

Marketing Services

Once your book is published, we will release new book subscription information synchronously. We have established a wide range of cooperation with many bookstores and book retailers all over the world. So our professional marketing team will help you build an effective marketing plan to help prospective readers become aware of your book. The internet is the fastest-growing market for books. By Google Book Search, millions of prospective readers can see the sample content of the book and some of them may buy the book which gets them interested.

Our Value

We make our judgment on literary not commercial value. So a submission acceptance is based on the academic value of the manuscript and not personal preference.

Why Publish with Technoarete ?

Fair, Rigorous Peer Review

Authorized Editorial Board

Rapid Publication Process

Helpful and Responsive service

The Widest Dissemination

Easy Online Submission

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