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Accomplishing its journey for a decade since its establishment in 2013, Technoarete Group is at the helm of cross-disciplinary research innovation, academic progress and professional capacity development. The organization grew up as a parasol umbrella to house and nurture numerous scientific communities, associations and organisations in diverse sectors of science, technology, education and healthcare. Operating worldwide to elevate research outcomes, Technoarete serves individual researchers and institutions with all possibilities to create an incubation environment for innovation.

Technoarete Groups addresses the key problems of humanity and sustainable development goals through its capacity & skill development programs, scientific special interest community management and knowledge sharing. Rendering continuous professional education to synchronize academia and industry in promising research areas is the goal of organisation. The organisation creates and proliferates learned communities by connecting subject matter experts, key opinion leaders and professional peers to educate learners through courses and meetings. Technoarete Groups and its associates are keenly connected to the research life of professionals to upscale them through mentorship, networking and collaboration. As an academic publisher we publish scholarly scientific contents in the form of text, audios and videos that globalise proposals and scientific methodologies.

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