Technoarete Group welcomes applications and professional cv's to be a part and members in its committees, board and professional societies. Technoarete Membership offers access to technical innovations, cutting edge information networking opportunities and exclusive membership benefits. By filling the Membership Application, member(s) have part of Technoarete Group and professionals are reviewed and meet research development and promotion in the field of engineering and technology.

Technoarete Members are playing an active role by being in the organizing committee of its conferences and events.

Be a Member

Technoarete Group members are engaged in various research development activities and are playing a pioneer role to review the research papers and to make the technical events and conference successful. Technoarete provides a scope to members to build up a technical and professional network to boost technical advancement and research development in India. Today we receive thousands of application for membership and we welcome the initiatives and supports of professional to be a part in the association with an aspiration to globalize the innovation and research.

Members could be entrusted in following committees and boards.

  • Volunteer
  • Reviewers committee
  • Organizing committee
  • Editorial board
  • National / International advisory committee
  • Start Institutional / Professional / Student Chapter at your area or college

Benefits of Professional Membership

  • Technoarete grants honorarium and financial benefits to its members for their support and cooperation.
  • Members can avail a concession up to 15% on the registration fees for our conferences.
  • Members can avail a concession up to 10% for publication in IFERP journals.
  • Members with their specialization and extraordinary contributions are invited as guest, keynote speaker or a program chair at our conference and events.
  • Members will be invited to Technoarete conventions and meetings which are held within a span of a quarterly year at zonal headquarters.
  • Members will be awarded and honored at IFERP events for their contribution in the field of science and technology.
  • Our Members are notified regarding the upcoming conferences and events held in India and aboard.
  • Now Technoarete members can save more by publishing their research papers at our international conference proceedings, journals and transactions.
  • Members can also submit unique and innovative research articles which are published in transactions of IFERP.
  • Members can access our digital library which constitute of more than ten thousand research articles.
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