Digital Library

Digital Library

Our digital library is one of our best scientific database management services. Swift growth of Technoarete Group receives lakhs of articles, thousands of publication and hundreds of journals in a very short span of time. For convenience of our followers, members and subscribers we came up with our digital library by launch of Academic Research Library (ARL) in the year 2014.

Academic Research Library is one of the top international digital libraries that consist of proceeding, periodicals, publications and journals from different area of academic.


  • Global Accessibility
  • Article Citation
  • Scientific Indexing
  • Multidisciplinary conference proceeding
  • Trending journals and periodicals
  • IFERP conference proceeding
  • BioLEAGUES Publication


About Academic Research Library:

Exclusive Digital Library for searching the Multidisciplinary Research Paper and Journals. Academic Research Library is our multidisciplinary resources for scholarly journals, trade publications, transactions, proceeding and other sources. By covering more subject areas than other resources, It is ideal for serving diverse needs, from the one-time user to the interdisciplinary needs of serious researchers.

Research Library provides access to a wide range of the core academic titles, from business and the sciences to literature and politics. The database expands daily and currently includes more than 5,000 titles, 70% of which are available in full text.

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