Mission & Vision


  • To assure quality of incubation and innovation processes from nook and corner of the world.
  • To connect professionals at integrated platform for growth to divert knowledge and skills towards sustainable application of professional education.
  • To ensure excellent opportunities for sharing and gaining knowledge through our professional activities and scientific conferences
  • To work with organization's to upgrade scopes of professional studies and research by monitoring further opportunities and applications

Techno: Growing with Technology

Arete: Being the arête of knowledge

Research: Searching your innovation again

And: Always an "and" in list of our areas

Development: Development that never ends

Association: Associating you with your world

Our mission towards Multidimension knowledge and information sharing


  • Of a united platform to explore research with opportunity to innovate multidisciplinary scopes and applications of professional studies.
  • Of a conglomerate of scientific and academic associations working for humanity.
  • Of digitalizing innovation processes through our professional networking services

Techno: Super technology for humanity

Arete: Being arête of research

Researching: Bringing the change with opportunity to research

And: Integrated association and YOU

Development: Developing the vision is development

Association: One association of world

Our Vision of Integrated Innovation


1) To provide a world class platform to researchers to share the research findings by organizing International/National Conferences.

2) To use the research output of the conference in the class room for the benefits of the students.

3) To encourage researchers to identify significant research issues in identified areas, in the field of Science, Engineering, Technology and Management.

4) To help dissemination of their work through publications in a journal or in the form of conference proceedings or books.

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