Technoarete Group works on innovation, invention and incubation to achieve its mission to create a potential and centralized professional committee operating worldwide. Our R&D team support innovations and scientific creativity starting from gross root of academic to world class conference. Being a potential organization of resources and societies, we welcome innovations and proposals to change the world.

  • Center of Excellence - We encourage our clients to build up their own community and infrastructure we are in a verge to establish Centre of excellence R&D units in developing and developed educational Institution, colleges and Universities in India.
  • Research Partnership - Team Technoarete provides research consultancy and technical advisors to researchers and academicians with a vast network of international experts in all areas of science, engineering and technologies.
  • Implant courses - a short duration training course provided in any company to help you get "industry" knowledge and know-how. Its usefulness varies depending on which branch you are, and which company you do an IPT with.
  • Professional Chapters & Student Chapters – Professional & Student Chapters in different parts of the country in order to organize various Seminars, Events & Conferences for the benefit of our professional members. Technoarete Members could be entrusted in following committees and boards.
    • Volunteer
    • Reviewers committee members
    • Organizing committee members
    • Editorial board in our high indexed international journals
    • National / International advisory board member
  • Collaboration – We welcomes applications from Colleges and Universities for collaboration to work together for academic advancement and research development in fields of Engineering and Technology. Institutional Collaboration is a relationship of great mutual benefit to both. Technoarete team helps for the Academic development has a history of meaningful, collaboration and partnerships that reflect the values of the academic community.
  • Publication Partnership - Globalizing innovation through scientific publication was again in need to our academics. IFERP comes up its high standard publication which includes journals, proceedings, transactions and periodicals. Emphasizing multi-disciplinary dimension in science, Engineering and technology, we publish several journal with relevant to different areas of researchers.

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